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Online Payment Plan

The project I developed allowed students to accept payment plans online in their student portal using ASP.NET, C#, and SQL. The project was designed to streamline the payment process for students, reduce administrative overhead, and improve overall user experience.

Overall, the project I developed allowed students to accept payment plans online in their student portal using ASP.NET, C#, and SQL. The project streamlined the payment process, reduced administrative overhead, and improved overall user experience, providing students with a convenient and secure way to manage their payments.

Online Enrolment Contracts

The Online Enrollment Contract project developed in ASP.NET and SQL is a comprehensive web-based application that simplified the enrollment process for students, parents, and administrators. The application allowed students to complete enrollment forms and contracts online, eliminating the need for paper forms and minimizing errors associated with manual data entry.

The project comprises several modules, including user authentication and authorization, student information management, contract generation and signing, and administrative reporting. Students can access the application from any internet-connected device, such as a computer or mobile device. Overall, the Online Enrollment Contract project developed in ASP.NET and SQL streamlines the enrollment process, minimizes errors, and provides a user-friendly experience for students, parents, and administrators.

BrightSpace D2L Integration

The project involved integrating a CRM system with the BrightSpace D2L platform, a cutting-edge learning management system for creating, hosting, and editing online learning resources. The completion of this project enabled the organization to directly create, edit, and delete student accounts, as well as manage all aspects of student portals and modules directly from within the in-house CRM system.

The integration enabled staff to create new student accounts directly from the CRM system, automatically populating relevant data such as name, contact information, and course enrolment. Staff were also able to create and manage student portals and modules directly within the CRM system, with changes and updates automatically reflected in the D2L platform.

The successful completion of this project was a major achievement for the organization, representing a significant step forward in the delivery of online learning resources and services.

Salesforce CRM and Lagacy CRM Integration

The project involved integrating a Salesforce CRM system with a legacy C# ASP.NET CRM application, enabling the two systems to communicate and pass data seamlessly between them. The project utilized Salesforce Outbound Messages and API communication to achieve this integration.

The project comprised several key components, including the creation of custom objects and fields in Salesforce, the development of an API in the legacy CRM system to receive and process data from Salesforce, and the implementation of outbound messages from Salesforce to trigger data transfers between the two systems.

The system enabled Salesforce to send outbound messages to the legacy CRM application whenever specific events occurred, such as the creation of a new record or a change to an existing record. The outbound messages contained information about the event, including the record ID and any relevant data, which the legacy CRM system could use to process the event and update its own records.

API communication was used to enable bidirectional data transfer between the two systems, allowing the legacy CRM to retrieve and update data from Salesforce, as well as send data back to Salesforce as required. The API was designed to be highly secure, using authentication protocols to protect sensitive data.

The integration between the two systems enabled seamless data transfer and eliminated the need for manual data entry or duplication between the two systems. This resulted in a more efficient workflow for staff, reduced errors, and improved data accuracy.

Overall, the project involved a complex integration between two disparate systems, requiring careful planning and execution to ensure the successful transfer of data between them. The resulting system enabled the two systems to work together seamlessly, improving efficiency and data accuracy for the organization.

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Ambitious Software Developer with experience in the education sector supporting a student records admissions system. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently or as part of a team. Passionate about coding, and providing solutions for software needs. Strong work ethic, reliable and professional. Excellent understanding of programming and database theory. Expert in C#, ASP.NET, Salesforce, Apex, Salesforce Administration, SQL development, and SOQL with six years of experience. Ability to design and implement scalable and efficient software systems that meet business requirements.

Expert in developing custom software solutions for clients, working with cross-functional teams, and utilizing a variety of programming languages. Proven ability to deliver highquality software solutions on time and within budget. In search of a challenging role in a dynamic organization where I can use my technical skills and experience to contribute to the company's success. Ability to develop high-performing teams and drive growth and profitability through exceptional leadership and business acumen. A strategic thinker, capable of analyzing complex business problems and developing innovative solutions that deliver results.

Experienced in fostering a culture of continuous improvement, implementing best practices, and creating a positive and collaborative work environment. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to motivate teams toward achieving shared goals and build strong relationships with key stakeholders. Overall, a results-driven and dedicated leader with a passion for excellence, seeking to leverage skills and experience to deliver positive business outcomes for the organization.

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